Include your items in three forthcoming surveys

The research team of the project Web-based election studies of ELNES/HelpMeVote (based at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) offers survey space on three forthcoming Greek surveys. The research team has a long experience of collecting voter data for CSES and other national and international organizations, and the PI of the project has been a CSES collaborator since 2009 and a partner of ISSP since 2021.

The theme of the first survey is “Family and Changing Gender Roles” and it is based on this ISSP questionnaire. The theme of the second survey is “National Identity and Citizenship” and it is based on this ISSP questionnaire. Both of these surveys will also include the standard ISSP background variables. The third survey is the Hellenic (Greek) National Election Study (ELNES 2023) and it will be based on the CSES Module 6 questionnaire. All surveys will be conducted using innovative data collection methods and according to the CSES and ISSP rules, ensuring the collection of high-quality data from a random sample of Greek citizens. The first survey is planned for April 2023 and the second and third surveys for June 2023 (but the exact date of the last two surveys depend on the election day, which is not yet finalized).

You can include your own items in these surveys. You can decide your sample size (500-1500 respondents). Translation to Greek language and programming of your items is included. Experimental manipulations of your items are feasible.

The cost for a typical single choice question (circa 200 characters) is 0.4 euro per respondent. Along with your items, you can choose to receive up to 30 of the variables that are already included in the aforementioned questionnaires and the cost is 0.05 per variable and per respondent.

Contact us at before 5 April 2023 for the first survey and before 20 May 2023 for the second and third surveys, to ensure your items can be considered for inclusion.