Although the media are usually interested in pre-election studies (trying to predict the outcome of the election), post-election studies are more important to academic research because at that stage the respondents report something that has already happened in the past: their actual voting behaviour – instead of reporting something that will probably happen in the future: their vote intention. Filling the scientific and research gap of an academic NES in Greece is a top priority because the produced datasets will facilitate research on the causes and consequences of voting behaviour and how democracy works in a country under financial crisis.

The website of the Hellenic (Greek) National Election Studies (ELNES) was created in April 2014 as an outcome of a research grant given by the Fulbright Visiting Scholars Program and the Fulbright Foundation in Greece to one of the members of the Greek ELNES that provided him the opportunity to cooperate with the scholars of the Center for Political Studies (CPS), Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. More specifically the design of this website was an outcome of a collaboration between the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Ioannis Andreadis and the Associate Director of CPS Dave Howell.