Hellenic Candidate Study 2007

The Hellenic (Greek) Candidate Study 2007 has been conducted by the Laboratory of Applied Political Research, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The first wave of data, has been collected online and the second wave used offline methods. For the online data collection we have used our own web server, properly modified open source web-survey software and a list of about 700 candidates, including their email addresses, provided by the two major political parties in Greece. About one out of ten of these email addresses was associated with some form of error. Candidates were invited to participate to the survey with an email sent by us. We have also sent them seven reminders (one reminder every 2 weeks). This effort resulted in 160 responses. The second wave included telephone interviews and it resulted to 81 completed questionnaires, i.e. the total sample consists of 241 cases

You can download the Questionnaire of the Hellenic (Greek) Candidate Study 2007 as a PDF file and all the files of the Hellenic (Greek) Candidate Study 2007 from ICPSR.