HelpMeVote 2015

HelpMeVote is a Greek Voting Advice Application that aims to inform citizens about the electoral process and particularly about the positions of candidates and parties on issues related to the electoral competition.

It was completed by 570000 voters in the period from its official beginning (07/01/2015) until the Election Day (25/01/2015). The number of citizens who have participated in the Greek Parliamentary Elections of January 2015 is 6330786. Thus, if we suppose that all HelpMeVote users have used it only once and that almost all of them have participated in the elections, then we can estimate that HelpMeVote users are circa 8.6% of those who participated in the Greek Parliamentary Elections of January 2015.

HelpMeVote 2015 includes 31 statements that reflect the major dimensions of electoral competition. 20 statements have been used in HelpMeVote 2012 (Andreadis, 2013), 6 statements have been translated from the Core Questionnaire of the
Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) Module II (2013-2018) (CCS, April 2013), 3 statements have been developed within the Team Populism (Hawkins, Riding, & Mudde, 2012; Akkerman, Mudde & Zaslove, 2013) and the Populismus project led by
Yannis Stavrakakis and 2 statements are totally new and reflect two issues of the public debate.

You can download the Statements used for HelpMeVote 2015 and the data of HelpMeVote 2015 from ICPSR.